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Let's Get Started

We view our owners as our partners and believe in having open and honest communications. This philosophy holds true as well when we discuss the opportunity of owning a Busy Bees studio. This
will allow you to decide if ownership of Busy Bees is the right fit for you and for us. We’ve outlined below the steps taken to become
a Busy Bees owner.

1. Apply to own a franchise

After you’ve done your research on Busy Bees and would like to pursue ownership, fill out our online application or
email us at franchise@busybeesart.com to submit a phone application. Filling out the application communicates that
you are ready to speak in-depth regarding the franchise and potential ownership.



Once your application is received and accepted, we will reach out to you to arrange our introductory call. We will walk
you through Busy Bee’s background, culture and opportunity. We will asnwer your in-depth questions and provide you
the needed information in determing that Busy Bees is the perfect franchise for you. We will discuss what Busy Bees has to offer, how we support our franchise owners,  review the full ownership acquisition process and our training program.



When your ownership has been approved you will have access to our Franchise Disclosure Document and
will begin reviewing and understanding all elements of Busy Bees ownership. During this time, we will
continue to answer questions, set you up to speak with our existing franchise owners, and assist you with the signing day
checklist items. Note: This is also the time to begin solidifying your financing, and setting up your business entity.



Congratulations, you’re now part of the Busy Bees  owners group (or what we affectionately call The Hive)! We will be in contact with you in to start setting up your operations, marketing, and studio location. We will work with you day and night to provide the resources, training and support you need for a successful launch. You will receive a guide to opening your location and we will work hand in hand with you until your opening day.



We will spend a week with you at the Mentor, OH location training you in all aspects of running your studio. During
training we will teach you the operations, design techniques, marketing programs, technical skills, management,
problem solving and customer service. All owners and managers must attend.